Hi, I'm Dean Oliver, a construction tech & SaaS marketing & growth specialist based in NSW. This is my blog where I help construction tech & SaaS founders with marketing their products so they can gain early traction and grow their user base.

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Activation Barrier Analysis: A Methodology for Improving User Activation [Template Included]

The ‘Activation Barrier Analysis’ is a methodology for startups to identify factors that inhibit early users from becoming active users of your product. This methodology will help you shape the very nature of your product.


23 Ways To Get Free (or Cheap) Exposure For Your Construction SaaS

If you’ve recently launched and want to get your construction software out in the market but lack a corporate budget or a marketing hire then here’s a list of ways to get cheap or free exposure.


8 Tips for Writing Effective Construction Project Case Studies

A common trap when writing project case studies is to list bullet points of your scope of works. We’ve collated our top tips for crafting compelling project case studies that keep the audience reading.


The One Critical Thing Companies Get Wrong With Their Content Strategy on Day 1

When companies first decide to use content as a marketing strategy, they are thinking: ‘What can content do for us?’ The result is that many companies fall into the trap of creating content focused on themselves.


What Can Content Do For You? The Benefits of Content Marketing in Construction

Companies like LEGO and Red Bull have silenced skeptics that once questioned whether producing media-style content can translate into sales. Look at these companies today and there is little debate about content's potential.