Hi, I'm Dean Oliver, a construction tech & SaaS marketing & growth specialist based in NSW. This is my blog where I help construction tech & SaaS founders with marketing their products so they can gain early traction and grow their user base.

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Hi, I'm Dean Oliver an ex-construction professional turned marketer.

After graduating from UNSW in with a Bachelor of Construction Management, I started my career as a quantity surveyor & estimator then went on to specialise in building diagnostics and remedial engineering. I spent 10 years in the industry working as a consultant and advisor to some of Australia's biggest infrastructure organisations such as Transport for NSW, Water NSW and RMS on Australia's most iconic structures such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Warragamba Dam, NorthConnex and Sydney Metro.

But in 2018, I left my job in the physical realm to pursue a career in the digital realm. I founded an online building products quoting platform called SpecCave and started generating leads for building products companies whilst providing an easy solution for builders to quote proprietary materials.

Realising that the construction industry is full of highly knowledgable, talented problem-solvers, in 2019, I launched construction media platform, This Is Construction, to provide construction professionals with a unique insight into Australia's construction projects.  The videos and articles created on This Is Construction share the stories of construction's greatest minds providing a vast array of knowledge with the goal of improving the industry's efficiency through greater awareness, education and transparency.

My journalism work inspired others to tell their own stories. So in 2020, I started freelancing to help B2B companies in construction use content marketing to harness the power of their stories, knowledge and unique strengths to build their brand and engage customers.

Now, I help ambitious high-growth construction tech and SaaS companies with their marketing so they can penetrate into one of the most change-resistant industries to get early traction and scale.

We are in a new era where the recent advances in, and integration of, hardware (such as robotics) and software (such as artificial intelligence) has finally brought technology onto the construction site; one of the final frontiers of tech. But the industry is still resistant to the adoption of technology and new processes, despite making their daily jobs easier, more efficient and less costly.

By leveraging my combined knowledge of the construction industry, marketing and tech startups, I help pioneering companies with ambitions of transforming the industry to win more customers and make their mark.

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